Naturopathic Consultation Process

  • Appointment Booked

    Once you have made your time with Chantal you will be emailed/posted a health questionnaire to complete and bring along to your first consultation, this will enable Chantal to have a detailed understanding of your current health picture. You can book an appointment here.

  • First Consultation

    This consultation is designed to gather as much information about your health this will enable Chantal a detailed understanding of your health. Chantal may refer you for further external testing and assessment between consultations. Some initial clinical examinations will be performed and an initial treatment plan will be discussed to get the health outcomes you desire.

    You will be given a diet diary, mental health questionnaire and urine cup to complete and bring along to your second appointment.

  • Second Appointment (Naturopathic clinical examination)

    In this visit you will have a full clinical examination to give Chantal more clues to what your body is telling us. This naturopathic examination covers nail analysis, tongue analysis, blood pressure & pulse check, height, weight, waist measurements, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, metabolic age, hydration levels, urinalysis and iridology photos taken.

  • Follow Up Consultation

    From the information gathered at the initial consultation, naturopathic examination consultation and any other tests performed Chantal will discuss with you the factors that are affecting your health and will discuss with you the treatment options that are recommended to improve your health to get you the health outcomes desired.

  • Further Follow Up Consultations

    Chantal will discuss with you how often she needs to see you to assist you along your treatment journey. Depending on the nature of your health concern you may require regular visits initially (fortnightly) to get you on track or your condition controlled. Once this occurs then monthly or quarterly visits may be required.

Consultation Fees & Private Health Insurance

  • First Appointment (approx. 45 mins to 60 mins) – $120
  • Second Appointment (Naturopathic Clinical Examination – approx. 15 mins) – $33
  • Follow Up Appointment (approx. 30 mins) – $65

Payments can be made at the clinic by eftpos, credit card (visa or mastercard) or cash payments. We also have a HICAPS facility which enables you to claim any rebates back on your private health insurance. Please ensure you check with your private health insurance provider to see if you are eligible for any rebates. Please note that medicare does not cover any Naturopathic costs.

Cancellation Policy

Our aim is to provide an excellent health care service in a timely manner. Due to this we have had to implement an appointment cancellation policy. The cancellation policy enables us to make appointments available to our patients in need of our services.

Please be considerate and notify us by phone on 9748 6666 or email if you are unable to attend an appointment at least 2 working days prior to your scheduled appointment. This will enable us to allocate this time to someone on our waiting list.

Please note that if you miss an appointment or reschedule within the 48 hours 50% of the consultation fee will be charged and within 24 hours the full consultation fee will be charged.