Please see our list of frequently asked questions below. If there is something else you’d like to ask, please use the ‘Ask us a question’ box on this page.

Do you see patients with other health conditions other than PCOS, Pregnancy and Fertility?

Yes, I do see other patients with different health conditions. If you would like to find out more please contact me directly via email or call me on 0412 102 372.

I commonly receive phone calls asking me if I can help with 'xyz' condition?

My answer is that as a Naturopath I look at a person’s whole health picture (see our core branches to optimum health) and from there I help you to identify where the areas of your health need to be improved and I guide you to improve those particular areas. I don’t treat conditions I treat the person sitting in front of me.

Do you integrate with other medical practitioners like Doctors, Specialists, etc?

Yes, I am quite open to communicate with your medical practitioner(s) to ensure that your health outcome is optimal. I often write letters communicating with Doctors to ensure they are aware of treatment plans and any areas of your health that may need referral for testing and the likes.

Do you recommend and sell certain supplements, herbal medicines etc?

I do, it all depends on your health outcomes I will only recommend ones that will be beneficial to your health. We do keep certain products in the clinic that are generally practitioner only that I do recommend. These products can be certain formulations that can’t be purchased elsewhere or products that are of great quality that don’t contain added fillers, preservatives that could impact your health (in particular if you are quite sensitive).

How much are your consultations?

Please see Consultation Fees on our Naturopathic Consultations page.

I would like a Naturopathic Consultation but would like the iridology performed also, do I have to book two separate visits?

No, all patients that have a Naturopathic Consultation will have their eyes photographed and the iridology will be explained at the next visit after your eye photo is taken.

Is there public transport near the clinic?

Yes, we are located across the road from the Werribee Plaza where there are bus stops just a 2 minute walk from the clinic.

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have some parking behind the clinic and on street parking along Baggot Drive.

Are you covered by Private Health Funds?

Yes, it all depends on your level of extras cover and your health fund. Most health funds allow HICAPS to be claimed on the spot (depending on your health fund).

How many consultations will I need?

It all depends on how your health is and how quickly you respond to treatment and if you are compliant with the recommendations provided. It will be monitored and discussed with you within your consultations. For information on the consultation process, see our Naturopathic Consultations page.